05 Dec,2022

Dash - Globally connected, Locally invested.

Waiting for your package to arrive can become a boring task, not with Dash logistics. Here at dash logistics, we reduce all the inconvenience that you face while sending or receiving your package and make your life just a bit easier. This is what we offer:

Remarkable Distribution

We have been successful to provide our services to various small as well as large scale companies and able to establish a trustworthy relation in a very short amount of time. Moreover, our company policies are very strict and monitor each and every transaction closely so that our client information remains highly confidential. Therefore, if your business/organisation uses our services, we do all the work and you get to pocket the profit.

User Friendly Reliable System

Here at dash logistics, we make optimum use of technology to make sure you can interact with the system easily and track your orders without any inconvenience. Our feature- rich system values your time and therefore presents the useful features so that the data loads quickly even with high traffic flow. 

Quick Deliveries

We value your time more than ours and we make sure you get your parcel in time and ensure your happiness with the quality of our services. Your parcel is delivered to your doorstep in as little time as a day if you are inside the valley. However, if you are outside the valley, your parcel may take a day or two to reach your doorstep.

Well trained delivery riders

Aside from just quick deliveries, we ensure the safety of your package from the moment we receive it till the moment we deliver it to your doorstep. Therefore, we hire highly trained professional delivery riders to make sure your package is in good hands and scenarios of misplaced packages become highly unlikely. Moreover, our own staff is appointed to make quick and secure deliveries outside the valley.

SMS system: Tracking made easier

Many logistic companies provide very vague information about the delivery of their packages. Here at Dash logistics, we provide SMS system for every parcel along with the tracking code so that our clients can track their parcels in real time from start to finish rather than waiting impatiently for their deliveries to reach their doorstep.

Proper Warehouse Facility

We store our packages at our warehouse safely after we receive it from the sender and deliver it to your doorstep straight from the warehouse. In case you decide to postpone the delivery date, we keep your parcel secured at our warehouse until the date of the delivery. The warehouse is closely monitored to make sure no defect is caused to your package during its storage at the warehouse.

Fastest Cash Reconciliation

Waiting for a financial transaction to go through can be a daunting task if the response from the other side is extremely slow. We offer Cash Reconciliation to our clients at unimaginable speed with excellent accuracy and zero errors assuring our clients that their finances have successfully been processed. 

Lightning-Fast Response from Customer Service Department

Although there may never be the need to call our customer service department, in case you stumble upon an error or get confused with something, our customer service department is quick to respond to your problems and help you solve it in no time.