03 Dec,2021

Dash Synergy - 2021

Dash logistics has organized a program named “Synergy 2021” which took place at Hotel Sampada located in Lazimpat. All together 50 staffs all across Nepal participated in this one day event.

 As we know, synergy is when two or more people or organizations combine their efforts to get the most effective and efficient result rather than working separately. So, we came with the idea of “Synergy 2021” to get the most fruitful outcomes of the employees. By collaborating, co-operating and celebrating we conducted a very successful event.

Our company aims to provide the best possible logistics solution, so it's very important that all the staff members are very clear about the vision and mission of the company. Aiming to become the best and fastest delivery company in Nepal, it's important to know whether the employee satisfaction is met. This program has definitely helped to convey the goals of the organization to the employees. And similarly, each and every individual were given a chance to express their feelings towards the organization. There was a great interaction session where all the staff members participated equally in forming plans for a successful delivery rate.

For the delivery associates: Our delivery riders being the main heroes of our organization, their motivation factor is one of the first and foremost priority of our company. Synergy 2021 would not be possible without their presence. All information regarding their welfare were discussed precisely. There were given proper idea about all the facilities provided by the company for their welfare. Information about remuneration, at the same time bonus and incentives to the delivery riders after completion of their targets was well discussed. For the performance enhancement we also discussed about the provident fund to the permanent employees and insurance coverage up to Rs 700000. The delivery associates were very pleased to hear about all the facilities provided by the company. Moreover, after the performance evaluation in the incubation period the delivery associate can also get promoted to various sector of the organization. This also motivated the riders to perform better.

 Information about the organization

Dash logistics main objective is to provide a well-developed operation system for commerce in Nepal by providing Parcel Transportation, Warehousing, Reverse Logistics, B2B Logistics, Cross-Border Shipping & Record Management Services to Nepal’s growing e-commerce sector & leading business enterprises. Studying about the market situation we will precisely be focusing in:

Last Mile delivery: E-Commerce Last Mile Delivery that would assist start-ups to get their packages out seamlessly and uniformly using the latest technology & providing everything from storage of their products to order fulfillment through effective supply chain management.

The best part of Dash logistics is all the team members working in this organization are experienced professionals working in the field of last mile delivery from past many years. The company have different hierarchy of work flow from High profile shareholders, Top level management teams in the board as Board of Directors, best managerial skilled Managers  & Operation heads, Smart and Confident administrative & Business Development team.

The dispatch departments work sharply in shorting of parcels and make ready for dispatch with no errors. Researched and selected highly professional contracted transportation companies & airline and last but not the least our most important and key team members that are our delivery riders who help us to drop parcels till the door of customer and help us making our last mile delivery successful.

However, this event has made the working module clear to each and every individual working in the organization which our one motive of the event “Synergy 2021”.

Megha Tamrakar
Business Development Executive